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Customize your MaMo carrier

Build your own baby carrier

The MaMo carrier is a modular system, consisting of different parts that you can combine freely. It is quickly put together and can be used for front, back and hip carry.

The most important advantage: the panel, which is the seat for your baby, comes in different sizes. From birth to about 1 or 1,5 year you will need 3 panel sizes.

Changing panels instead of making adjustments

A newborn baby can not really fit into a baby carrier that should still work for a 1 year old child. One-size carriers usually can be adjusted for small babies though, but this often is just a compromise and not an optimum for the newborn´s spine and hip development. Besides, parents are typically uncertain about how to adjust a carrier.

Buy what you need

Start at an affordable price with the size you need right now. The next panel sizes can be ordered anytime. See for more information.

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