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Kumja is too short - how can I use it in a longer coat?

Kerstin Ursinus posted this on Dec 7, 2015

For wearing Kumja in a jacket or coat with a zipper significantly longer than 70cm, it may be neccessary to use our "Kumja-Special" zip adapter instead of a standard adapter.

If you are pregnant, Kumja is supposed to reach onto your chin, approximately. In most cases, up to about 10 or 12 cm shorter are no problem and can well be covered with a scarf or shawl.

If you want to use the jacket extension for baby carrying, you should measure your jacket´s zipper while carrying your child in the carrier wearing your jacket. Measure from the bottom end of the zipper up 70cm (=the extender´s length). The head of your baby should be partly of wholly covered by the panel.

If Kumja is too short, there are 3 options to move the panel further up. Keep in mind that we do not provide longer coat extenders, but that the panel can be shifted in height.

Option 1: we can sew a "Kumja special" adapter that moves the extender upwards by the desired amount. Since this adapter is custom made, it is not refundable. Contact us if you are not sure about that issue or your zipper. You can order here:

Option 2: an alternative is the "long coat adapter" that shifts the panel by 13 cm. This adapter is available for most common zipper types. You can find both products and check the availability here:

Option3: the sew-in adapter lets you choose the height freely: sew-in adapter product page
You may also still close your coat´s zipper at the bottom part. With a special or long coat adapter, your coat´s zipper is completely "occupied" by the adapter´s zipper, so you will have a gap there. Usually, that is not really a problem because the 70 cm extender panel covers a large part already.

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