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Does Kumja work with a 3/4 coat (short coat)?

Kerstin Ursinus posted this on Oct 14, 2015

Basically: yes. Our extender panel has a standard length of 70 cm (27.5 inches). It goes up from the bottom end of your coat´s zipper. If there remains a gap that is not acceptable to you (about 5-10 usually are OK in pregnancy; 10-15 cm when babywearing; but these numbers depend on the style of your coat and your personal preferance too!), there are 2 options:
1) use the sew-in adapter to choose the position/height of the panel individually. Pro: You might still use the lower part of the original zipper to close the coat down there
2) order a special adapter: we make an adapter that positions Kumja where you want it to be (note: the panel stays the same, it´s just shifted); Con: you cannot use your original zipper to close the lower part of your coat (because the special adapter is zipped in); Pro: no sewing work

2.1) for common zipper types we might have a "long coat adapter" that moves Kumja 13 cm upwards. These adapters can be returned like any standard adapter.

Get more info on the product pages:
Sew-in adapter - option 1)
Special adapter - there you can find options 2) and 2.1)

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