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The adapter K14 (K12) does only work on 1 side - why?
Kerstin Ursinus Oct 18, 2016

If it works on the left side but on the right side the pin of the adapter might not be fully inserted into the slider of your coat and therefore the slider does not move, then you could try the following: file off the small part marked red in the picture below. This part might be the reason why t...

What if my zipper is not from YKK?
Kerstin Ursinus Oct 4, 2016

Then chances are we still have an adapter that works. Please see for detailed information on the zipper issue. When you order we automatically collect all information we need to determine which adapter(s) we send you. Usually, if we can not be sure about which...

The adapter cannot be connected to my jacket - what can i do?
Kerstin Ursinus Oct 14, 2015

First, please make sure to connect the zip adapter to the jacket instead of trying to connect the green extender panel´s zipper directly to the jacket´s zipper. Seperate the zip adapter and attach it to the jacket extension, connecting the green zippers. The zip adapter halfves go bet...

3 Item(s)

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